Saturday, 24 September 2011

Temples of Bangkok

The Grand Palace
 Today visited 3 temples in Bangkok. The Grand Palace, The Temple of Dawn and The Reclining Buddha All of them were impressive but not really my scene.  The more interesting part was walking through the busy streets of Bangkok. After leaving Khao San Road where I am staying we walked for about 15minutes through a series of street markets where you could buy literally anything you wanted. There's loads of street food too so some of the smells around the place are not too appealing to me as you can imagine.. I've done alright so far but I'm still not too keen on the thought of most of the food here as expected!

After visiting the temples we got back to the hostel on a tuk tuk - if you've ever complained about someones driving skills, wait until you try on of those things!

Tomorrow I leave Bangkok and travel to Kanchanaburi. Really looking forward to moving on to the countryside and out of the city. Bangkok is great but not for too long ...

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  1. did you have a go at driving that crazy car thing?